Monday, June 17, 2013

I made a HUGE mistake yesterday. Actually, two huge mistakes. 

First one was not having dinner, which I didn't realize I was doing. Weekends tend to be so fluid, I sometimes don't realize when I'm "due" for another meal. 

So, at around 8pm, I started having a monstrous craving for something sweet. Of course now I realize I was just hungry, but you know what they say about hindsight. So... I may have had a slice of red velvet cake. And I may have topped it with a scoop of vanilla I've cream. 

And that was my dinner! 

If you're familiar with the South Beach Diet, you know that you'll get cravings for the first few days, and then they'll go away as you get used to the low carb way. So it's probably not crazy to infer that having a slice of cake (and I was craving cake; dense, moist, chock-full-of-carbs cake) would result in some insane cravings today. 

And oh em gee, am I having some insane cravings today. I've already had some cottage cheese mid morning snack to ride me over till lunch - and I never eat snacks between breakfast and lunch! 

Making full use of the "don't be hungry" motto! 

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