Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Beginnings...

I spent this past weekend following the "Attack Phase" of the Dukan Diet. So I ate only eggs, cheese, yogurt, ham, steak, and chicken breast. For two days. So here is the breakdown of the schedule:

June 29-30: Attack Phase

The Attack Phase is a protein-only phase - as in, not even veggies are allowed! I "cheated" a little bit by making two of my meals a steak with onions... and sautéed an entire onion for each meal!  According to the website's plan, I should have spent two days on the Attack Phase, then 31 days on the Cruise Phase to achieve my "true weight." And I don't think I could have lasted a day longer! 

While I had some mild sweet cravings on day 1, I wasn't hungry or even felt like eating at all on day 2. I had to force myself to eat dinner, because I was both stuffed and turned off by the prospect of eating a steak with no sides. I had a  "meat hangover" both nights - I was feeling full, bloated, sluggish, exhausted. I was craving (gasp!) a green salad! 

July 1-31: Cruise Phase

It's day 4 and I still feel like I ate an elephant - and I added veggies to breakfast, lunch and dinner today!  

I am on the "Cruise Phase," which alternates a "pure protein" day and a protein + veggies day, and lots, lots of water. I have a calendar in my fridge telling me what I should plan for (PP or PV), and I am also going to make it to the gym at least once a day for the entire 31 days - it can be for just a yoga or a meditation class, all I want is to create a habit of physically going to the gym every day for 30 days. 

August 1 - September 13 Cruise Phase

Yes, apparently my last official day on the Dukan diet is Friday the 13th. Happy-go-lucky. 

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